Thursday, September 8, 2011

Cleaning Step 1: Organized House Cleaning

The first step in cleaning naturally is to have an idea of what needs to be cleaned and a plan to get it all done.
First make a list of what needs to be cleaned in the house. You can break it down by what needs to be done every week, month, and year. From this point you can create your lists to match the way you want to clean. Maybe you want to list all the tasks room by room or upstairs and downstairs.
I wanted to put a mix of quick chores and longer chores together. I also thought I would organize my cleaning list to try to get everything in one month. I decided that a 4 week cleaning plan would work for me. I have my list on my phone so when I have a spare minute I can quickly see what my list for the week is and check off what I have done.
I find cleaning more often makes for much easier cleaning. For example although the baseboards do not need to be cleaned every month (more like once a year) I find that if I quickly wipe them down about every one to two months it is much faster then once a year cleaning. Although I have my schedule I do not freak out if during my week I do not get everything done. I figure it will all be there in 4 weeks when the list comes back around.
 Each week I clean a different part of the house, except floors and bathrooms which are cleaned every week. Currently my cleaning list is as follows

Week 1
Kitchen Counters/sink
Wash Bath and floor mats

Week 2
Baseboards Upstairs

Week 3

Week 4
Baseboards Downstairs

So pick up a pencil and paper take a walk around your home and start making your list. Organize it and come back to see how all these areas can be cleaned with little effort and no chemicals.
Finished with Step 1 then head on over to Step 2.

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