Saturday, September 17, 2011

Antibacterial: Why you should always say NO!

I can not say it enough Antibacterial stuff is so unnecessary and becoming a toxic problem. The amount of antibacterial products is overwhelming and unfortunately producing many problems. A great source for information on the growing problems of antibacterial products can be seen here. It is a bit scientific but the basics are that by using the large amount of antibacterial products that are almost everywhere we are increasing the amount of mutant bacteria that is resistant to the antibacterial. Also by allowing our children to use these products we not giving their immune system the chance to develop properly. This lack of development is linked to a large rise in allergies and illness in children. In an effort to protect our children we are actually causing more harm. Another article I suggest reading is here.

Antibacterial has its place in the hospitals but not in our homes. Washing with plain soap and water is just as good as antibacterial soaps when you use them correctly. Wet, lather, scrub front, back, wrists, and fingers, rinse, and dry with a clean towel. A good short read on how soap works and why antibacterial is not needed can be read here. Want to know more about the correct way to wash your hands visit this page from the Mayo Clinic.

Your job this week is to take a few minutes and Google antibacterial and triclosan. Do your own research let me know what you find. If you find like I did that antibacterial is not worth the potential risk then make the switch. Gather all of the antibacterial items in your home place them in a box and take them to the appropriate facility to be disposed of properly (yes they can be considered toxic substances).

Once you no longer are using antibacterial soap at home you may start to think about all that soap you use outside of the home. Well the only way you can be sure you are not using antibacterial soap outside of your home is to bring your own. There are many places where you can buy paper soap. Little sheets of soap perfect for one time use. Or you could so what I am trying take your favorite castile soap or other natural soap. Use a vegetable peeler to peel off small pieces. Keep the pieces in a small container in your purse. Always use dry hands to get the soap out or you risk wetting them all and ruining them.

A natural hand santizer is also a good way to keep clean away from home. Be sure it does not contain any antibacterial toxins in it. Use EWG's Skin Deep website to check if your hand sanitizer is safe. Click here for their list and ratings on hand sanitizer. We use Clean Well and Dr. Bronner's brands.

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