Thursday, September 8, 2011

My go to reference on cleaning naturally

I couple of years ago I read the book Naturally Clean. It is my go to book on all things cleaning and I must say it is awesome! I am encouraging everyone to read it (I have a copy you can borrow). Not only is it an easy read but it gives some great information on cleaning products and our home. It makes me feel very good to have switched to natural cleaning methods. I think the one thing I was surprised about is even though the book is sponsored by Seventh Generation, it is not an endorsement for all their products. In fact it really is an endorsement for making your own products. There is a lot of research sited in the book for those non believers out there. For those who think I am crazy with all I do I would really encourage you to read this book before you judge me. You will find yourself throwing out (properly dispose of them since they are toxic substances) all your traditional, unregulated, untested, and unsafe cleaning products.
For those who do not have the book I thought I would share some of the main points through out my cleaning series of blogs. Let me first say that changing to anything new is often difficult and should be taken one step at a time. My posts will guide you through the changes I have made in our cleaning routine over the years moving room by room throughout the house.

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