Monday, February 2, 2009

Eco friendly colds

With two little ones someone always has a running nose around here.
I do not like tissues for many reasons
1. I hate going through boxes of tissues
2. they always end up in the laundry and all over my clothes
3. babies tend to find the tissue box, pull out tissues, and rip them apart

I decided to do something about the tissue problem at our house. I did not want to go buy a ton of handkerchiefs so I looked around the house at what we had. We have a lot of receiving blankets that we are no longer using. Instead of just giving them away I thought I could use them. I have started by just cutting up a few with pinking shears. It is great. We now throw them in the wash instead of the trash. If they get left in a pocket there is no mess in the laundry. Bry can not make a mess with them.
I might sew some up into nice squares but for now the pinking shears work.