Sunday, September 4, 2011

Series on Cleaning

I am starting with a series of blogs on cleaning. Cleaning is one of the biggest ways you can change your health and the environment. Surprisingly the air in many homes is actually much more polluted then the air outside. There could be many reasons for unhealthy air in your home. To learn more read this article for the American Lung Association. The main reason our home air is unhealthy is because of off gassing from materials and furniture and toxic chemicals in the products you use. Both of these things are completely in your control. Over the next few posts you will see how easy it is to ditch those toxic products and have a clean and healthy home.

Are Cleaning Products MakingYour Family Ill? I read this great article on cleaning products at a long time ago. It really gives good information about what to avoid and what is good for cleaning. I would love to hear your opinion on the article. Please read it and post below about your thoughts.

I truly believe after all the research I have done that cleaning products are very dangerous. Even though it is sold at the grocery store does not make it safe. Just because the commercial says it is good and everyone should use it does not mean it is safe for you or your little ones. You really do not need to be buying household cleaners and disinfectants.

The only way you can make a difference is by being an educated consumer do your research or email me I would be glad to help out anyone. If you know there are better options then choose them. If you are reading this then you now know that there are better options. Do not be an uneducated consumer. EWG Skin Deep is a wonderful place to go for information on chemicals and the research that has or has not been done on them.

Would you knowingly put yourself or your family in danger? I know I have terrible guilt when I think (or worse know) my choices could be risking my childrens's health. There is so much I can not control but what goes on in my home I have complete control over and so do you. Sorry I usually am not preachy but I feel this is so very important and many people just shrug it off. No one is going to take care of you but you, so do what is right for yourself and make the changes you need to make.

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