Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Toys and Gifts for Kids

Over the last few years there has been a huge amount of green toys hitting the market. Here are some that I love. These toys are made by companies dedicated to ecofreindly production. The best thing about these toys, besides being green, is that they are all kid powered. No batteries, which are an extremly wasteful product, only kids imaginations are needed. For now most of these toys can only be found online, but hopefully we will be finding more of them in the local stores. Think ahead to all those kids you buy for throughout the year (especially if you are buying for my little angels) and order some great toys you will feel good about giving.

Green Toys
I bought the kids the Sand Play Set and the Tea Set. We love them not only are they made from recycled milk jugs but they are ultra sturdy and made entirely in the USA. I would recommend these to anyone. We take the sand set to the park with us and I am always getting comments about how nice they are.

Plan Toys
When we buy Bry her first doll house it will be a Plan Toy. These are great wood toys made in a very ecofriendly way. I am loving some of the new designs. What child does not need a dollhouse with a solar panel roof, a wind turbine, rain barrel, recycling bins, and many other great green building elements.

I am getting a bunch of these for Andon. They are great for keeping in my purse for pretend play anywhere and they are just so cute. Anamalz come in four catagories wild, farm, austarlian, and prehistoric

Sprig Toys
These cool toys are paint free, ecofriendly, and battery free. Thay are made from a bio composite made from recycled wood and reclaimed plastic. I know Andon would love these construction vehicals.

I have also bought many items from Etsy, in particular those in the teams EcoEtsy and EtsyOrganic. Handmade pruducts are unique and often ecofriendly. (Although you may have to do some questioning to find out if they are indead ecofriendly products.)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Meatout Mondays

I heard about this through a blog of a friend here.
I would love to see more people go meatless and Meatout Mondays is a good way to start. TO learn more about why meat is unhealthy for both you and the environment click here and be sure to sign up for Meatout Mondays. If you need any suggestions for good meals try these check out my recipes here.