Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Beauty products

One of the first things I really changed when going natural was my beauty products.
First off you can not believe advertising. Most things you see that say natural really are not. There are no regulations as to what can be called natural in the beauty world. I looked at a lot of products and there are a few which are actually natural and some at ok prices. I decided though to try my hand at making some products in order to hopefully save money and make something I would feel safe using not only on myself but also on Andon

The internet has been my friend through this. I have spent a ton of time looking up recipes for different beauty products. I was looking for things that were easy to make with ingredients I could find at my local grocery store (HEB). Well I came up with some things I love and some even Stephen will use. Sometimes I think of switching things up with different oils or Shea Butter but everything is working well and I do not have the money to spend on experimenting. If you try one of my recipes let me know how it goes and feel free to change anything you want. I will post my recipes as I organize and get them written up.

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Steph said...

I'm looking forward to your recipes, especially those I can use for Tatum, too.