Monday, June 4, 2007

Playing in the Grass

This afternoon Andon and I went outside to play in our backyard. It was a wonderful day in the shade but very hot in the sun. Andon played with his sand table, house, and swing set happily for over an hour and a half. I even had a chance to read a magazine and weed some of the garden!

While I was out there I was thinking about the yard and the grass we were sitting in. Stephen loves to have a very green yard and I do not blame him. For the last two years we had chem-lawn coming to the house to help keep the grass looking good. It was Stephen’s special extravagant thing. This year though with Andon old enough to play in the grass and my new ambitions of living natural I wanted to cancel chem-lawn but Stephen could not give up his beautiful lawn. I did not want Andon playing in grass sprayed with a ton of chemicals even if the company said it was “safe” (we all know better then to trust a company and its advertisements). Then at The Woodlands Earth Day Festival we found a solution, a company called Soils Alive. Soils Alive is an organic lawn care company they use liquid compost to build better soil. They spray not only our lawn but our trees, flower beds, and even our potted plants. Although it costs more then chem-lawn we are getting more then just our lawn taken care of and we are making our yard a safer place for playing.

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