Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Organic in California

As most of you all know I am currently at my parent’s house in California. I am visiting for the next month which is great because I have three other people to help care for Andon so I get a little break. Andon is having a great time watching the "gog" (dog) outside and learning new tricks from his Auntie Em. She just taught him how to show off his muscles. As soon as I get a picture of it I will post

I am currently working on helping my mom to start living more naturally. The biggest problem we have is that there are not as many organic options at the stores here. I have not checked out all the grocery stores but the ones I have seen do not have the options that I have at HEB. We have found some organic products at Safeway which is the same as Randalls but they do not have the supplies need to make beauty products. In order to get the supplies for making lotion and stuff we had to go to a natural food and vitamin store which unfortunately is more expensive then they should be. Roseville will be getting a Whole Foods soon so maybe my family can shop there although I have heard they have high prices.

We will be making beauty products while I am here but we will be trying some different things. My mom has had problems with cocoa butter so we will be using Shea butter and the store was out of almond oil so we will be using grapeseed oil. We will see how it goes.

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