Thursday, June 28, 2007

Experimenting with different ingredients

Today I made lotion and lip balm with my mom. She has had trouble with cocoa butter before so we decided to try using shea butter. We also could not get almond oil so we went for grapeseed oil instead. Although the lotion does not have the chocolate smell you get with cocoa butter it turned out pretty good. The lotion is a little softer then I like I think next time I will add more beeswax or less oil. The lip balm turned out very well I added peppermint oil to it for a good smell but it does not add taste. I think that if I was going to make it again with shea butter I would get an essential oil for a good smell.

I now use almost all of my own products. I love knowing exactly what I am putting on my skin and in my body. My shampoo seems to be working better this week. I found that I have to work up a good lather and scrub my scalp well and then rinse. When my hair feels dry I wash it with a little of my body wash and it adds some moisture. One not on the shampoo and body wash though is that they do separate and you have to shake it to mix them before using.

It is so hard to find real natural beauty products with out chemicals. There are a lot out there that claim to be natural but they are far from it. I get so angry every time I look at an ingredient list that claims to be natural and I see chemical names. Most companies are preying on the uneducated consumer. Do not be one of those. Look at what you are buying and do some research. Read the information on this site about good and bad ingredients.

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