Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Felted Toys

I only like to give natural gifts that are either meaningful or useful. I think that just buying something because you do not know what else to get is wasteful. I would rather get nothing then something I do not need or want. I guess that is just the environmentalist in me.

A year ago I purchased a needle felted Peter Rabbit for my grandmother. She likes Beatrix Potter and always gave us Beatrix Potter items when we were little. Needle felting is a process of taking natural wool and shaping it with a needle until it is dense and compact. The other day my son said that Grum (my grandmother) needed a Benjamin Bunny to go with her Peter Rabbit. Of course I was more then happy to oblige, teaching him the wonderful feeling of giving is something I strive to do. Kelley at Little Elfs Toy Shop does such wonderful work that I wanted to let others know about her. Check out her shop full of great natural toys. I just love Etsy!

Check out Little Elfs Toy Shop for more items like these.

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