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Up Date on Cloth Diapers

I wrote this post back in 2008 a little over a year after I started diapers.

My Natural Babies

Sorry this is so long but I wanted to make an updated post on cloth diapering. It has been almost a year since I started using cloth and since I last posted on the subject. Over this time I have found that cloth diapers are very easy to use and I really wish I had started using them with Andon when he was born. It would have saved me a bunch of money.
I found with Brylynn I had to start with disposables we used Seventh Generation disposables for the first 3-4 weeks because she was so small. During this time she had a bad diaper rash that would not go away, but now she is in cloth all day and we no longer have a problem with diaper rash.

There are so many different kinds of diapers and when I first started out I did not know what to buy but now after using them for a year I have a good idea of what I like and do not like.

We use two types of diapers around here prefold cloth diapers with a cover and pocket diapers. The prefolds are the basic cloth diaper that has extra absorbency in the middle section. Over the prefolds we use a Wonder wrap cover which is a cloth diaper cover with a waterproof layer. The Wonder Wraps are a one size cover so although they are slightly bulkier they will fit a child from 9-35 lbs. They fit both Brylynn and Andon. I have not tried every type of cover but of the ones I have tried Bummis, Imse Vimse, and Wonder Wraps. They are the ones I like the best.
The pocket diapers we have used with Andon are the Fuzzy Bunz, I tried the one size BumGenius but did not care for them. With Brylynn I bought a pocket diaper called Pocket Change and loved them. They are a lot like the Fuzzy Bunz but they come with an extra insert and they have an opening at both ends. You never have to pull the insert out because they come out on their own in the wash. These are my new favorite. If I was to start from scratch with cloth I would probably just buy the Pocket Change diapers and nothing else.
For any one starting out with cloth I would suggest buying one of the trial sets that includes many different kinds of diapers so you can find your favorite.

For Andon we use a prefold with a diaper cover (pins are not needed) during the day. At night Andon wears a Fuzzy Buns pocket diaper with a prefold and an extra insert in it. Every once in a while the top of his pajama pants are a little wet but this is usually not a problem.

For Brylynn I have found I like a different combination. I use a Pocket Change diaper on her during the day because they are trimmer then the prefolds and cover on her little body. At night since I am changing her every time she wakes to eat we are using the prefolds with a Wonder Wrap cover. I want to buy about 6 more pocket diapers to use with her.

For washing diapers I have recently realized that I should be using a different detergent then I am so I am doing some research on what I want to use. When we just had Andon we were only washing diapers about twice a week. Now with two in cloth we run a load every other day.
Brylynn in a Wonder WrapBrylynn in a Pocket Change diaperAndon in a Wonder Wrap

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Cindy said...

I know this is an old post, but have you tried Happy Heinys? They are also pocket diapers, and I used mine with prefolds instead of inserts. Caleb was cloth diapered until he was four (slow potty trainer).

Also, I have some Happy Heiny trainers, so if you're interested they're looking for a home. I know it's early for Andon, but if you'd like to have them on hand, they're available!