Thursday, January 12, 2012

Cloth diapers

I wrote this post back in 2007 when I was pretty new to cloth diapers but it still holds true and is a good honest post about starting cloth diapers.

Andon in his cloth diapers
playing with Linc.

As some of you know we have switched to cloth diapers. I do not know why I did not start with them but oh well better late then never. When we first decided to try cloth I went looking at the websites and found there were many different choices. All in ones, pocket diapers, cloth with a cover, fitted cloth with a cover, and for each choice there were a number of different types.
We decided to go with cloth prefold diapers with diaper covers. We bought a number of different covers in order to find the ones we liked. It has been about two weeks and besides being bulkier then disposables it really is not a big deal. In fact Andon’s diaper pail and room do not smell at all now when it use to smell a lot when we were using disposables.

In case you are interested in the logistics (because I was)
Andon wears a cloth diaper folded in thirds with a diaper cover over it. The diaper cover is fabric with a waterproof layer so there is no leaking and no diaper pins. When he is wet we change the cloth diaper but not always the diaper cover. If the cover is wet then we hang it to dry and use later. When he is dirty we change the cloth diaper, use a cloth wipe sprayed with water, and if the cover is dirty then we rinse it and put it aside to wash. We dump the poop in the toilet and place the diaper and wipe in the diaper pail. I have been washing one load of diapers on Thursday and Monday (which is my regular laundry day). We have not started cloth at night although we will soon and I will be sure to let you know how things go.

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