Monday, August 22, 2011

Please use reusable bags!

Why oh why do I still see so many people leaving the stores with plastic bags? Reusable bags are easy, convenient, and so much better for the world.

These are the best bags for grocery shopping I have the Pastel String bags and Stephen has the Neutral ones. 5 bags with a stuff sack to keep them all in they are perfect to keep in the car for all your shopping needs. I like the short handles best.

For produce I love my mesh bags I bought from here. They are the perfect size and they store in their own stuff sack which I have attached to my string bags stuff sack. They are see through and durable but could be considered on the small size. A couple of extra large ones would be a good idea to complete the set.

I also love to buy from the bulk section, no wasted packaging. For my bulk purchases I have these wonderful bags. They hold anything I need.

I have 2 of these that I love for throwing in my purse when I go into any store.

The bags above are just a few of the thousands of options you have in reusable bags. The trick is to really think about what you will use them for and buy accordingly. Here are 2 great places to start your search for reusable bags.

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Steph said...

I SO agree with you!! We don't have anything fancy, just about a dozen and a half random bags, some stashed in my car, some in Doug's, and always a stash by the front door waiting to go back out to the car. What gets us is when you go into a store and buy ONE THING and the cashier puts it in a bag. Really?! I can certainly carry ONE item to my car without a bag. I always tell them to keep the bag, but I actually wrote a complaint to the grocery store about it. In Europe we forgot our bags once when we went shopping and the five of us that were traveling together carried all of the groceries in our arms because we didn't want to pay for bags... because bags aren't free there! We've been spoiled rotten in the US and it makes us wasteful.