Thursday, September 20, 2007

New Beauty Recipes

Conditioner, Shampoo, Body Wash, Face Scrub, and Toothpaste

I make my products about once a month and sometimes I make a few changes. I have developed recipes which I really like right now. It took quite a while to develop a shampoo I like but I finally found it. I discovered aloe as a moisturizer and it also works great for shaving and hair gel to lay down those little fly away hairs. Any way here are my latest recipes.

Face Scrub

2 TBS Almond oil
½ tsp Lavender
½ tsp Tea Tree oil
½ cup Baking Soda
1 TBS Vitamin E
3 TBS Castile Soap

Mix all ingredients except castile soap. Add the castile soap last.

Body Wash

1/3 cup Castile Soap
1/3 cup Almond Oil
¾ cup Baking Soda
3 TBS Aloe Gel

Mix the oil and baking soda first then add the castile soap and aloe. Shake bottle before each use.


½ cup Castile Soap
½ cup Water
2 TBS Baking Soda
2 TBS Aloe Gel

Mix all ingredients. Shake bottle before each use.

For conditioner a pour a little apple cider vinegar on my hair and the rinse it out.


½ cup Baking Soda
4TBS Hot Water
20 drops of essential oil for flavoring (peppermint, cinnamon)

Mix all ingredients and then place into a squeeze bottle. If the mixture becomes dry then add a small amount of water and mix.


Lindsay H said...

That tea tree oil is great stuff! Did you know that it comes from the Melaleuca tree/plant? It is used in almost all of the Melaleuca products. It has great healing power. FYI... ;)

Keri said...

Is the lavender in your face scrub dried lavender or fresh lavender or lavender essential oil? Thanks your recipes are really great I cant wait to make the scrub and the shampoo!

Jenifer said...

I use lavender essential oil.

Keri said...

Thanks! Where do you get the Aloe Gel? Can you use it directly from the aloe plant?

Jenifer said...

I have bought a couple of different kinds of aloe. I look for an aloe gel that is as pure as possible. I have never tried using it straight from the plant so if you try it let me know how it works.
If you are trying the shampoo remember it takes some time for your hair to adjust and to get out all those nasty chemicals. My hair was oily for about 2 weeks when I first started. Now that my hair has adjusted I only use the shampoo 3 times a week and I rinse with the apple cider vinegar every day.

Kristine said...

Jennifer I am very interested in trying these recipes. I was wondering, I never had problems with my face growing up. I always had facial skin on the dryer side but was always active and busy playing sports...and busy meant leaving my face alone. Now I still have dry skin but have had blemishing...I am willing to go back to the way I used to be not over obsessing about my skin and leaving it alone. I do ask if you have a recipe for facial lotion. Even if I just wash and rinse my face with water I feel guilty without putting some lotion on...something I actually never did as a child. Thank you again for your advice!!

Jenifer said...

I have had a hard time finding a recipe for face lotion that is not too oily for my skin. I use the above lotion recipe for my body and I used it for my face for awhile but it was a little greasy at times. I am currently using Aubrey Organics baby lotion on my face. It is not the best alternative but I like it. I just posted a new facial moisturizer recipe that I am going to try. Here is the link to the post
Also I have heard from others that the face scrub is enough mosturizer for them. My face tends to feel dry though if I do not put something else on after my shower.